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BORN 1984

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Jason Venetsanopoulos approaches painting as an improvisatory activity that unveils memories and experiences, which can be rendered accessible through the creative process. Such an improvisatory activity, though, should not be confused with an agentless surrender to randomness, but rather considered as the composition of unforeseeable elements that might spring from the unconscious, from ideas, dreams, feelings, and from the constant interaction with the materials. For Venetsanopoulos there is no particular intention lying behind painting; it is not a matter of conscious choice, but rather of a creative urge, an impulse to give form to thoughts and emotions and to spontaneously draw images seared in memory. Thereby, painting turns into a ritual, a meditative process during which artist and artwork exist as one inseparable whole.

What is most intriguing about his work is the inextricable connection between the painting itself, its materiality and its theme. Every artwork results from an endless strangle and an ongoing experimentation with the medium (whether it is painting, drawing or etching); It is a freestanding entity, subjected to the unique circumstances of its production and determined by the materials chosen for its execution. Venetsanopoulos prefers to work with natural materials such as handmade paper from India* natural ink from China, coloured inks from Egypt and Japanese gouache, tracing beauty in the mistakes and flaws that occur while painting.

The artist sets up fragmented narratives – inspired by ancient myths, personal memories and fictional stories – that challenge the viewers in their search for a complete and intelligible meaning, like a haiku poem that is always left open to interpretation. This does not betray an aim to provoke for the sake of being provocative; Venetsanopoulos seems to invite us to depart from the conventional language that can entrap us within the borders of a seemingly meaningful but rather poor, cold and detached realm, in order to access an unsettling but, still, sincerely personal field.

Venetsanopoulos’s visual vocabulary consists of uncanny images of creatures that stand at the threshold between human and animal, male and female, floating in an indefinable space with a humorous touch and a latent eroticism.  These strange, symbolic figures reflect his belief that any differences between opposing identities or forces are complementary and interrelated.

Living in a geographical location that is a crossroad between East and West, Venetsanopoulos builds a hybrid personal idiom, with multiple references: from primitive art to the Byzantine icons and from the Japanese aesthetics to the biomorphic forms of Modern Painting.

Matina Charalambi


“IN BETWEEN” Amalias 36  Megaro Lykiardopoulos, Amalias 36 Ave. Athens,


 “NeoMythical”, Athens Art Gallery, Glykonos 5,10675, Athens, 


“There is an other world but it is inside this one” Amalias 36 Megaro Lykiardopoulos, Amalias 36 Ave. Athens,


“Koan and other Analogies”, Amalias 36 Megaro Lykiardopoulos, Av. Amalias 36 Athens


“Drawings I”, Bar project, Iraklidon 52 Thisio, Athens




2019 -        

Synthetic psychotherapy, Athens Synthesis Center.

2016- 2018       

Counseling psychotherapy, Athens Synthesis Center.

2004 – 2008      

Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki Fine Arts Academy

2003- 2004         

Mpeltekos- Sarasitis WorkshopDrawing classes


Tassis Hellenic high school International Baccalaureate



Co-founder of the directing trio ΓΑΒ. 

“Vathis Anastenagmos”, (Deep Sigh), group “ΓΑΒ/Κινητήρας, at Kinitiras, Erexthiou 22, Athens, 

“Pop-up Readings”, group ΓΑΒ/Κινητήρας, at «Αθήνα 2018-Παγκόσμια Πρωτεύουσα Βιβλίου» 



“Vathis Anastenagmos, (Deep Sigh), Kinitiras, Erexthiou 22, Athens,



“To diko mou psari” (My Personal Fish) Rēs Ratio Network – Theater Roes, Iakxou   16, 11854 Athens, 


“O kafes” (coffee) Kinitiras, Erexthiou 22, Athens,



“The fisherman and his wife” Kinitiras, Erexthiou 22, Athens




“Unexpected Time” Performing at Kalamata dance festival 2017 with the dancing group “Kinitiras” Kinitiras, 22 Erexthiou str., Athens 


“Erontas”. Performing at the play “Erontas” with the dancing group “Kinitiras” Kinitiras, 22 Erexthiou str., Athens,



“Unexpected time”. Performing at the street  performans with the dancing group “Kinitiras” Kinitiras, 22 Erexthiou str., Athens, 


“O KAFES”. Performing at the play “o Kafes” (Coffee) with the team “Kinitiras” at Kinitiras, Erexthiou 22, Athens, 


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